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Meet The Board 

A group of like-minded individuals who have spent their lives working with, helping, teaching, coaching and providing opportunities for kids, is working to create a process by which applications can be submitted for funding for programs that will provide the tools, educational resources, and programs for kids to grow and thrive. Through this process, we will be catalysts for growth (physically and mentally), creating strong, skilled, independent, and resourceful young leaders, prepared to meet any challenge.

The Executive Board
Coach Wilson Headshot.jpg
Teresa Wilson

Teresa Wilson grew up on a farm near Pickering, Missouri.  She graduated from Northeast Nodaway in 1979 and went on to play softball at the University of Missouri.  She graduated from MU in 1984 with a BS in Education and a minor in Journalism.  Her 30-year college coaching career began at the University of Oregon in the fall of 1985 and included stints at the University of Minnesota, the University of Washington (where she started the program), Texas Tech, the University of Arizona, and Bowling Green State University.  She also spent seven years as a part of the USA Softball coaching staff, 3 seasons in the NPF (Professional League), and 2 seasons as the head coach of the Chinese National Team. Teresa owns Premier Softball Prep focusing on player development in all aspects of the game, individual and team growth and leadership, and mindset coaching.


Why Catalysts For Kids:  Mentoring and coaching athletes of all ages, watching them grow, helping them find their strengths, realize their dreams, and find fulfillment has fueled Teresa’s passion for what she does her entire career.  When you change a child’s life for the better, they change the world for the better!  

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Amy Suiter

Amy Suiter grew up in Mount Vernon, Washington.  She graduated from Mount Vernon High School in 1999 and went on to play softball at the University of Washington. She graduated from UW with a BS in Psychology and then pursued a doctorate program in Sports Psychology at Texas Tech University.  Amy was a collegiate softball coach at Texas Tech University and Western Washington University where she fed her passion for coaching. Following coaching Amy joined Trusum Visions in 2018 and was a Master Trainer and worked inside Business Development. Amy also owns Amy Suiter Coaching where she focuses on organizational leadership, communication, and mindset coaching.


Amy is first and foremost a wife and a mother of three beautiful young souls which in her world is the life of her dreams. She and her husband Dustin were high school sweethearts and have been together for 23 years and married for 13. They have three amazing children Haley (11), Trey (8), and Cash (3) they are the light in her world and her ‘why’ behind everything she does.


Why Catalyst For Kids: Sport is such a beautiful platform for our youth to grow, develop, and learn life lessons. What an opportunity we have to make this a reality for so many!

Rick Hasty
Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 1.21.06 PM.png

Rick Hasty grew up in Dayton, Ohio, graduated from Beavercreek High School in 1970.  Upon graduating, he attended the University of Dayton on a football scholarship while studying a rounded mixture of Business and Marketing for the business world ahead.  Ricks skills provided an opportunity to play with the St. Louis Cardinals as a back-up to Hall of Famer Jackie Smith.  Injuries shortened his professional dreams in football, but he went on to play Major-Open softball with some of the best men’s (Steele’s Sports) teams of that era.  


Rick has more than 30 years of experience in the sporting goods industry. He started two successful sporting goods companies, working with some of the industry’s most respected people and organizations, both nationally and internationally.  Rick transitioned to established leaders like Rawlings Sporting Goods in the position of National Director of Collegiate Sports and Olympic Players, working with the nation’s best programs and players for more than 20 years.  He was respected and admired by college and club coaches and athletes alike for his knowledge, work ethic, and for treating every program like he was their biggest fan, and every player like she was his own daughter!  Rick has spent his life providing opportunities for others.  


Rick and his wife Linda (a nurse) have seven grandchildren, from a son in Germany serving the US Air Force for 23 years, and a daughter working in Tennessee as a tax specialist.  While he is enjoying retirement, he is more than excited to join Catalysts for Kids and provide opportunities for the next generation of kids.     


Why Catalysts for Kids:  

Rick’s fulfillment comes from the opportunity to help individuals improve their quality of life, to make a difference in the way someone sees themselves, and to help people gain confidence in their ability to achieve greater success than they ever dreamed possible.  Rick believes his greatest gift is his passion to help, educate, and share with the next generation.  He looks forward to growing the Catalysts for Kids mission, the impact it will have on kids, and creating joy and unforgettable memories!   

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Jerry Child

Gerry Child grew up in Lakewood, Washington.  He graduated from Charles Wright Academy in 1973 and from Washington State University in 1977.  After working for several years in the commercial banking industry in Seattle, in 1983 he became a financial advisor with Murphy Favre also in Seattle.  In 1997 he joined Morgan Stanley in Olympia.  During his career at Morgan Stanley he was a producing branch manger of their Olympia office and later of their office in Federal Way for a total of 10 years.  In 2011 he was asked to join UBS Financial Services in their Tacoma office and he has the title of Vice President - Wealth Management, Financial Advisor.  He continues in that practice today.


He lives with his wife, Jeri in Olympia and they have two adult daughters.  Speaking in relationship to Catalysts for Kids, Gerry feels that what more valuable investment can there be than helping to develop our children to become productive and thoughtful adults.

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Pat Jones

Pat Jones grew up in Bellevue, Washington. He graduated from Bellevue HighSchool in 1982 and from the University of Washington in 1986. Pat began coaching high school football in the fall of 1982 and the fall 2021 will be his 40th year of coaching. Pat also coached softball for fifteen years and did so with Coach Teresa Wilson for a number of seasons. Out of college, Pat worked for several years as a commercial property manager and owned a small telecommunications company. He then began his own commercial general contracting company PMC General Contractors which he and his best friend since Kindergarten still run to this day. Pat has recently become an author and published his first book which you can find on

"", with three more books in the works to complete the series.


Pat lives with his wife Marianne in Bellevue and they have eight children. Pat's involvement with Catalysts for kids is a natural one as helping kids is something he has enjoyed doing his entire life, and something he has

been doing since he was a teenager himself.

George Pess
Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 3.49.56 PM.png

Reared on Long Island, New York by a tenacious single mother who emigrated from Greece, funds to support George’s athletic endeavors were scarce.  George benefited greatly from public programs, people’s goodwill, and the understanding that every person deserves a chance to succeed.  These factors, combined with his athletic ability and drive, allowed George to play both ice hockey and lacrosse all the way through college at Bowdoin College, where he received his undergraduate degree. George went on to pursue his Masters from Yale University, and his PhD. from the University of Washington, where he serves as an affiliate associate professor of the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences. George is currently employed as a fisheries biologist and program manager with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Building on his personal experiences as an athlete, George has been a dedicated mentor and part-time coach for youth fastpitch softball since his youngest daughter Olivia decided to play the sport. Since 2014, George has devoted countless hours not only to Olivia’s pursuits, but also at the local high school where he has volunteered as an assistant softball coach. Olivia’s dream of playing Division I softball culminated in 2020 when she signed to play softball and continue her education at Syracuse University in George’s native state of New York.

As someone whose athletic pursuits might never have been realized if not for the assistance of others, serving on the board for Catalysts for Kids (CFK) seemed a perfect fit. George believes CFK’s mission, to help kids achieve their athletic goals, no matter how small or large, is fundamental to their future success, no matter the pursuit. The people involved at CFK have a proven track record of making a positive difference in young athletes’ lives.

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Mercedes Corey

A career spanning over 20 years with the Federal Judiciary at U.S. Pretrial Services, Mercedes has seen first hand the positive impact that community involvement can have in a person's life.  Working with justice-involved individuals has shown her the transformational value of encouragement and pro-social activity for those under community supervision.  Mercedes is thrilled to have a role with Catalysts for Kids to broaden her deep commitment to serving those in need, especially children.  CFK's vision and mission perfectly aligns with Mercedes' belief that supporting student athletes benefits the greater community through lessons in character, teamwork, and resiliency.


Mercedes received a BA in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Georgia and a MA in International Relations from the University of San Diego.  She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, daughter, and one very goofy Bernedoodle.

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Eric Hagen

Currently, I work as a Director of Purchasing and Contracts for a Robotic Surgical Simulation company in Seattle. Working within the surgical robotic world, allows me to help create revolutionary products and unique services that will profoundly impact people’s lives.


I began coaching and volunteering within my local community when my daughter became old enough to start playing, eventually coaching both my daughter and son. I coached softball for 13 years, during my daughter’s time with Little League, into her Select Fastpitch years, stopping when she began playing for the local community college. While my daughter was in Little League, I accepted the Vice President of Fastpitch position at FME Little League. I was able to increase the membership of girls, building the only year the program was able to have a Juniors team. Besides softball, I also took on the role of soccer coach for my son. My boys’ team was number one in their age bracket for multiple years. While coaching soccer, I became a member of the FME Soccer Board. As a board member, I was able to speak for the kids and their needs. I appreciated being their voice and a voice within the community.


Sports are a great outlet for young kids and teens. Sports can build a person’s character, work ethic, drive and teamwork skills. I am excited to be working with Catalysts For Kids. There is a huge void out there for our youth, which Catalysts For Kids is filling.

Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 12.45.35
Marianne Jones
Legal Counsel 

Marianne Jones serves as legal counsel to the Board of Directors for Catalysts for Kids.

Marianne is a graduate of the University of Washington and Seattle University School of Law. She has been litigating civil cases since 1991.

Marianne started out her career at a medium sized business law firm in Everett, Washington. In 1997, after becoming the head of litigation for that firm, she purchased the assets of the firm and started Jones Law Group PLLC, a civil business litigation firm that focused on securities fraud, construction, real estate, employment, civil rights discrimination cases, and appeals.

In 2015, Marianne was also the Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel for, Alaska Bulk Water. In January 2020, Marianne brought her civil litigation talents to join forces with her long time friend from law school, Stacey Smythe, who practices Family Law and Estate Planning opening up Smythe & Jones PLLC.  Marianne uses her detailed knowledge of the civil rules to litigate in federal, state, district, and administrative tribunals.

Throughout her career, Marianne has been known as an entrepreneur, “go-getter,” problem-solver, unafraid of any challenge, unapologetic for her forthright and matter-of-fact demeanor, yet very patient with co-workers, clients, attorney’s and the courts.  

Marianne grew up in Clyde Hill, Washington and married ‘the-boy-next-door” in 1989. She and her husband have raised eight children and fostered others all in the Bellevue area. The importance of athletics and the significant individual growth that comes with competitive athletics was emphasized in raising each of her children.  In her early years Marianne enjoyed skiing, auto racing, and working at Nordstrom and Fredrick & Nelson. Now Marianne enjoys traveling, raising her dogs, and celebrating with family. Marianne has also served as a pro tem judge in King County District Court since 2009 and truly enjoys serving the public in that role.

Meet The Advisory Board
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Amanda Urban

Amanda was born in Texas and spent her childhood overseas as an Army brat before her family settled in Nebraska. In her youth, Amanda was submerged in sports and in the employ of the family's cattle ranch. After graduating from the University of Washington and Cornell College with degrees in Anthropology and Biology, respectively, Amanda landed a job in commercial real estate in Austin, Texas.  


After a Masters in Sustainable Development with an emphasis in Green Building from Marylhurst University, Amanda is currently a Client Services Coordinator (CSC) with the global firm CBRE, Inc., with over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate in Texas and Nebraska. As a CSC, Amanda’s primary focus is on development and subsequent implementation of comprehensive and strategic marketing deliverables to support the company’s project endeavors.


Playing soccer for over 30 years with a four-year career as a semi-pro tackle football athlete, Amanda appreciates the value and complexity of team sports, as well as the internal/external challenges and victories associated with sports participation. 


Amanda currently resides in Omaha and is owned by a three-year-old Alaskan Malamute named Maggie. With respect to Catalysts for Kids, Amanda is excited to collaborate and contribute to an exciting program associated with youth looking for direction, empowerment, and growth. For her, to save a life is to save the world.

Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 12.54.56
Carrie Dever-Boaz

Carie Dever Boaz grew up all over California as her parents bought and sold homes all over southern California before settling into Three Rivers, California which she calls home.  She graduated from Woodlake Union High School in 1986 and Cal State Fresno in 1990 with a BS in Health Science.  Carie was a D1 athlete at Cal State Fresno where she helped lead her team to four WCWS appearances, finishing runner up in three.  She was a 3 time NCAA All American and a 2 time Academic All American.  After college she went straight into teaching and coaching at Tulare Western High for two years.  College coaching is where she landed next and she has coached for 28 years in college at The University of South Carolina, The University of Arkansas, The University of Florida, and The University of Virginia. She also spent two years in the National Professional Fastpitch the pro-league where she led the Washington Glory to a World Title and was manager of the year in 2007.   Carie has taught and coached at the high school level for five years and travel ball level for four years. She is currently coaching at The University of West Alabama, completing her masters and her master certification for Warrior Woke.


Carie lives in Livingston, Alabama and is married to her husband Bruce of 27 years.  Carie has a son Max who recently just married and a daughter Macie.  Speaking in relation to Catalyst for Kids, our children are our future and truly need certainty and significance now more than ever.  It is our responsibility to teach them that their greatness comes from within and that their future is a bright light that needs to shine.

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 2.12.48 PM.png
Sue Pess

I have been an artist, a designer, a manufacturer, a consultant, a buyer, an office manager, a bookkeeper, a sales representative, an event planner, and now, encapsulating so many of these roles, a director of operations.My business was jewelry. I created a company by learning how to do everything that needed doing. I made plenty of mistakes. I had over 200 accounts in 34 US states and 4 countries before I looked up, but I wasn’t healthy. so I took a break and made some big changes. I put family first and came back to business gradually, creating a new version that worked with my growing family.  


Those big changes felt a bit like a failed business, in the beginning. It was difficult to process the abrupt end to what I had built, despite the prize of an amazing family. It wasn’t until I took a job with another jewelry designer that I realized the closure I craved. A designer who was drowning in the type of success most jewelry artists only dream of hired me. I was able to take all of my mistakes and turn them into her advantage through foresight, preparation, and what you could call my “wide lens” view of her company. All of my mistakes became fodder for truly helpful guidance, and I loved the process of translating my experiences for her benefit.


The perspective I experienced from mentoring someone was an unexpected gift. I try to recreate that experience whenever possible at work and as a parent. If you haven’t had this simple, yet mind expanding, process affect your life, I can’t recommend mentorship enough. We all have important stories to share with one another. Use your mistakes, successes, and the hindsight that comes with reflection to reach someone in a similar situation. You will help them, definitely, but you will help yourself just as much or more. 

Catalysts For Kids is founded on this idea, that we all can become better, stronger, and happier by focusing on helping others develop their perspectives to become their best selves in any and every endeavor.

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 2.17.20 PM.png
Jeff Peters

Jeff Peters grew up farming and ranching in Canby, Oregon.  He graduated from Canby High School in 1989 and then went on to receive his BS in Education from Wayland Baptist University in San Antonio, Texas. Jeff also served four years in the USAF as firearms instructor, tactical EMT, and as a sniper.  He then spent time as a State Trooper before closing out his career with the federal government. 


Jeff and his wife Tina have been married for 30 years.  They are blessed with two wonderful daughters: Kate and Kellie.  Continuing his enjoyment with athletics, Jeff keeps busy competing in Ironman Triathlons, marathons, and helping his daughters with competitive swimming, softball, and cross country.  When not busy on their 5th generation cattle ranch, the Peters’ family enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, an

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Steve Hull

Steve Hull was born in San Diego, CA in 1969.  His family moved to Gresham, OR in 1980 and he graduated from Gresham High School in 1987.  Steve worked in the food and beverage business for more than 25 years and has recently started a new career with Costco.  


Steve is the proud father of Madelyn, who is currently attending college and playing softball at Northern Idaho College!  With an incredible father/daughter bond and a willingness to serve, Steve was active in amateur sports for more than 10 years.  Many athletes and parents alike recall Steve’s booming voice cheering on athletes and encouraging them to, “find your voice”!  


Why Catalysts For Kids:  Steve has a passion for helping people and his goal in being a part of Catalysts For Kids is to help kids become the best version of th

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Perry Castellano

Perry Castellano RSCC*E, CSCS, is the former Director of Strength and Conditioning/Major League Strength Coach for the Minnesota Twins.  12 of his 19 years were spent at the major league level.  He was the 2010 MLB Strength Coach of the Year and the 2014 American League Strength Coach for the MLB All Star game at Target Field. 

After leaving the Twins, he represented USA Baseball as the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the inaugural PDP league in Florida.  The PDP league represented the top 90 high school players from around the country.  This team was then broken down to 25 players to represent the USA Baseball U18 National Team.  Perry specializes in determining workloads and capacities for players during playing seasons. 


Prior to baseball, Perry was a firefighter for 11 years in California until an injury ended his career.  His off days were spent teaching firefighter physical performance in the fire academy.  He holds a PhD in Allied Health, and a MA in Management, a BSc in Kinesiology and an AA in Fire Science.  Currently, Perry is teaching and coaching at a high school in Florida. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 6.21.37 PM.png
Lori Castellano

Lori Castellano grew up loving sports. Her passion for sports paved the  way for her to pursue a degree in Kinesiology with a Coaching/Teaching  minor from Cal State Northridge. As a team captain, Lori led her team to  three NCAA Division II National Championships and a Runner-Up finish  during her career. Lori was a Gold Glove recipient as well as being named  All Conference, All Region and All American. Her accolades ultimately led  to her induction into the California State University Northridge Hall of  Fame.  

Post college, Lori has spent more than 35 years coaching seven different  sports. She spent 13 of those years as an NCAA Division I Softball Coach  at Cal State Northridge, Long Beach State, the University of Oklahoma  and the University of Tulsa.  

Lori has been married to Perry Castellano for 34 years and they are  parents to two sons, a 24-year old college graduate and a 22-year old  current University of Florida student. In her “spare” time, she has been a  substitute teacher in Lee county Florida where she was named the Lee  County Substitute Guest Teacher of the Year.  

Why Catalysts for Kids… For more than 40 years, Lori has witnessed how  sports parallels life, and how the lessons learned in sports will serve those  who played, and those they will continue to influence for a lifetime! 

Megan Hall
Operations Manager

Megan Hall grew up in Bellingham, Washington. She graduated from Sehome Highschool 2019, as well as from Whatcom Community College with her associates degree. She currently attends Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas and will be graduating in May 2021 with her degree in Human Sciences. Growing up, Megan played many sports, softball being her biggest passion. She traveled and played all over the US until she decided to tie up her cleats after graduating highschool. Megan has a passion for helping others and being a light in others lives and has been working in several different fields and roles working towards finding her pathway for life.


In regards to Catalysts For Kids, Megan has such a love for mentoring and helping kids and this platform provides the perfect opportunity with an amazing community which is an honor to be a part of.

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